Sustained and no side effects were observed (clinically proven).

It is effective in various type of diseases :

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decrease in sexual desire (Sexual Asthenia)
  • Penis Atrophy
  • Decline of sexual sensation and excitability during sex
  • Nervous disorder (confusion) and loss of age-related energy

Can be used by men and women, because desire is a pleasure to share.


This sexual tonic is natural and made by an ideal combination of the formula PHYTUM KOREANUM 100% natural (9 different plants in one single complex). The benefits of those plants were all selected for their powerful tonic and aphrodisiac effects*.

*Safety test recognized by the U.S. FDA and Japan, clinical trials against placebo in Korea and Sénégal.



Whatever the cause of erectile dysfunction such as:

  • In patients with ED associated with various diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stress, after surgery for benign prostatic, fatigue…
  • 50-70% of men suffering from diabetes are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The incidence is 9% between 20 and 29 years and reached 95% at age 70.
  • Women and men with low sexual desire and sexual asthenia.
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